Neuform Composite Propellers

NEUFORM Composite propellers combine optimized aerodynamic design, high-quality materials and excellent workmanship with a progressive choice of profile and computer-aided design of the blade geometry to achieve maximum efficiency, such as high performance together with low fuel consumption and little generation of noise. Our high manufacturing standard stands for your security. It becomes visible in the high-gloss finish of our propeller blades and pervades, invisibly, the entire design. Our product range offers propellers for ultralight (microlight) aircraft, experimental aircraft, European Light Aircraft (ELA), Light Sport Aicraft (LSA) and similar categories.

Propeller Blades

Let us have a look what kind of propeller blades we offer:

In flight adjustable blades
Fixed blades
clock or counter clockwise
Different diameters
Different blade geometries
Number of blade for your propeller
Blades with or without edge protection

This variety has as well different prices. Here an idea about the ranges: 

2 Blade fixed propellers from 1500 € – 2350 €
3 Blade fixed propellers from 2200 € – 3450 €

2 Blade variable pitch propellers from 3000 € – 3600 €
3 Blade variable pitch propellers form 3950 € – 4700 €

Let us have a look what kind of propeller blades we offer:

For in flight adjustable propellers the pitch adjustment system is necessary. We do have an electrical version and a hydraulic one to adjust the pitch. 

Prices vary from 2600 € – 3300 €

With a spinner you would have completed the full set up. We do offer sizes from 200 mm to 320 mm. Prices range here from 560 € – 850 €

Our prices do not include VAT, shipping or customs. 

Let us get in touch to see what solution would fit best to your needs.